As a Professional you can support the

DreamMaker in many ways. Take a look!


1. Apply as a Speaker for a specific event already organised by our education partners

2. Search for events close to you that fit your time and field of expertise

3. Apply and let the organiser know you are interested in being their Speaker

4. Be ready to get contacted back if all fits together!


1. Become a Supporter of our Education Partners

2. Search for an educational institution close to you

3. Let them know your time availability

4. Share with them your fields of expertise and what you would like to speak about

5. Be ready to get contacted by the organiser once they have a fitting topic


1. Organise your own event and share with youth why you love what you do and what it is!

2. Find a suitable place for your event. Clean and creative spaces are great choices. Also make sure to pick a well known public space. Everybody should feel safe and comfortable for the occasion.

3. Set up a date and time

4. Share your event in the DreamMaker community